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AIR BALLOON  Blossom in a Bubble

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★ Blossom in a Bubble ★

✨Give a special gift 'Balloon-Flower' for a Special Occasion ✨

❤️❤️❤️You and your special person will be 200% satisfied and feeling so loved and cared. You will make people "WOW"!!!

❣️❣️Free customized lettering service on the balloon

🎈Things to know before ordering Balloon-Flower🎈

▶️ Handmade - made to order

▶️ The balloon is durable lasts more than a 3 months

▶️ Life-like artificial silk flowers used for product longevity

▶️ Avoid placing balloon next to sharp objects as well as extreme hot & cold environments

▶️ 10-20 inches diameter of clear balloon