Scandinavian Preserved moss

Experience the beauty of 100% naturally grown, sustainable harvested plants and moss, treated with a nontoxic solution. This keeps their natural essence thriving in a long term preserved form. Our safe plant-based, biodegradable treatment replaces the sap and water in plants, resulting in lifelike, maintenance-free indoor green wall and other installations.

Preserved flowers

Preserved flower bouquets and stems are the perfect maintenance-free solution to filling your home with real flowers and foliage all year round.

Preserved flowers are real plants, expertly grown and harvested at their peak. They undergo a special preservation treatment where the sap is replaced by 100% plant-based glycerine and dyes. The treatment maintains the cell structure of the plants, leaving them feeling soft and retaining their natural beauty for many months.

Art oil painting on canvas

Our Paintings will bring beauty to your home.