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Moss frame, Moss Wall Art, Nature Room Decor, Art Modern wall

Moss frame, Moss Wall Art, Nature Room Decor, Art Modern wall

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We offer you paintings with stabilized moss and lichens. Lichens do not need light, they purify the air in the room, they do not cause allergies, they are a good sound insulator, they do not attract insects and they are 100% natural.

Lichen paintings give any room a fresh air. Lichens are a pleasant sight and brighten the appearance of the room.

Top 10 benefits of lichen paintings:

1. Lichens are 100% natural, do not include any chemical compounds;

2. Lichen and moss decorations offer a natural and relaxing environment at home or at the office;

3. Lichens improve the quality of the air in the room by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen; they are especially famous for regulating the humidity in the room;

4. They are non-allergic, flame retardant, antistatic, do not attract or retain insects, are natural and biodegradable;

5. Lichens do not need care. No watering, pruning, fertilizing or beautifying;

6. In the summer, they offer thermal comfort by lowering the room temperature;

7. Lichen paintings are ideal in conference rooms, being sound-absorbing and soundproof. For this reason, they are also appreciated in rooms where the environmental echo is desired to be reduced;

8. Lichens last up to 10 years!

9. Lichens are a healthy, modern and elegant solution for interior design. We are making decorations with lichens, mosses and other preserved plants, on the dimensions you want;

To enjoy your lichen painting for a long time, we have some suggestions:

• All lichen creations are for indoor display only. Do not expose them outside.

• The ideal temperature, from the room where the lichens are exposed, is recommended to be between 12º - 30º degrees Celsius.

• Lichens are excellent regulators and indicators of humidity. This means that when the air in the room is very dry, which is disturbing for our body, lichens must be helped. Dry air affects lichens. They lose their elasticity, color and volume. We can help them either by moving them for a night (if possible) in a room with high humidity, such as the bathroom, or by a fluff of water, very lightly, applied to the surface of the lichens.

• Avoid crushing or pressing, prolonged exposure to the sun or directly under another artificial source of strong light.

• Stabilized lichens do not need watering and should not be groomed.


⚬ Processing time takes approximately 3-6 weeks.

⚬ Due to the handmade nature of this piece, your Moss Art may vary slightly from the piece shown here, but will include the same overall look, feel, and elements – making yours truly one-of-a-kind!

⚬ Do not water your moss art. It is preserved and doesn't need watering.

⚬ Your moss art may smell "Earthy" upon arrival. This is normal, and over a few weeks, it will fully go away. Some people love the smell, others do not, and most don't even notice it.  If you are particularly sensitive I recommend you place it in a well-ventilated room. In a few short weeks, the smell will be 100% gone. I have sold thousands of pieces and no one has had complaints about the smell lasting over a few week’s time, so please be patient, it's a natural product.

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